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UPIN Lookup

Medicare uses the UPIN or what we call unique identification number. These numbers are used to identify doctors from across the United States. Each of the US doctors has their own unique 6-place alpha numeric identifiers.

This is to ensure that the doctor is fully licensed and is a member of the Medicare. This kind of doctor identification method was authorized by the United States Congress. UPIN IDs have been used since it was implemented. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or the CMS is the department responsible for the making of UPIN ID s. Physicians that are accepting Medicare insurances are using these IDs.

One can look up for the numbers, and see the list of certified doctors that are registered. There are lots of websites that we can use for the look up. A directory was available back in 1985 for people who want to search for doctors, but it was closed since 2008.

It is important that this law has been implemented to easily find the registered doctors and to avoid fraud. With the UPIN look up, we can easily identify if our doctors are fully registered and licensed. Unlike before when we just trust everyone we in inside the hospital, now we can really be assured.

There are websites that we can look up for UPIN listings in the internet. Some offers free registration, and even downloadable lists.

Consider these available sites for UPIN Lookup:

  • http://upin.ecare.com/
  • http://www.hmedata.com/
  • http://www.medical-coding.net
  • https://prodigymd.com/

There are other sites that offers free download of the UPIN listings that is searchable on google.com.



UPIN Lookup
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